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Safety First: Installing Permanent LED Lighting in GTA for Christmas House Lights

Installing Christmas house lights is a tried and true holiday tradition, although somewhat cringe-worthy. It’s a drag – sorting through decoration boxes to find a tangled web of lights. Hours are spent sorting and testing light strands, scratching heads and trying to locate that pesky burned out bulb. Then, finally climbing a ladder in the throws of winter to install a lighting system you will only take down again in a few weeks. Why go through all the hassle when there is an easier and permanent solution for Christmas house lights? GTA homeowners can connect with a professional LED strip lighting company to install sections of light along the eavestrough. These lighting systems are discreetly installed and are virtually invisible – until the switch is flipped and a technicolour light show takes over the neighbourhood. Gone are the days of the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – a Griswald-style chaos that is costly and has the potential for danger! Select various colour combinations and patterns with an easy to use controller. Who would have thought it could be so simple? Installing permanent LED lights keeps you grounded and allows you to spend more time with your family enjoying the soft glow of Christmas lights, instead of fighting with them!
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Christmas lights have become a tried and true tradition of the holidays. Rarely does installing lights bring Christmas cheer! Once the stored away decorations have been located, often hours are spent fighting with tangled cords and burned out bulbs. Once that is sorted, then the ladder comes out and family members climb their way to frustration. Not only is it inconvenient to install Christmas lights over the holidays, it can be unsafe. Often lights are installed during inclement weather seen in Canadian December months. From coast to coast, wind and rain, sleet and snow plague our skies, making it treacherous to climb an extension ladder.

Emergency room statistics show that over the holidays, many head and back traumas are due to a holiday tumble. Some unfortunately can prove to be fatal. Christmas house lights can be permanently installed with an easy to use LED light strip system. Once installed, the light show can be enjoyed from the safety of the ground floor by simply using a controller. Choose your colour selection and pattern for a striking holiday effect. The lights stay up year-round and can be used for other fun holidays and events throughout the year. Sporting events, holidays and even family reunions can benefit from permanent Christmas house lights in the GTA. Put your own safety first and hide the ladder in the garage. Professionally installed permanent LED light strips will save time, money and a potential slip and fall!